Unleaded and Premium Unleaded Gas - Synergy Fuel from Exxon and Mobil

Fuel types

Gasoline and diesel for all types of vehicles

Wherever you are going, count on high quality Exxon and Mobil Synergy™ fuels to get you there. Learn more about our Synergy™ fuels and see which one is appropriate for your vehicle.

  • Gasoline, Exxon and Mobil Synergy gasoline is Top Tier

    Go with Exxon and Mobil Synergy™ gasoline

    Exxon and Mobil Synergy™ gasoline contains significantly higher quantities of detergents than required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and has passed key performance tests resulting in it being certified. Fuel is recommended by many automakers in their vehicles’ owner manuals.

  • Diesel fuel, get good ignition quality with Synergy

    Synergy Diesel Efficient™

    Backed by advanced science and technology, Synergy Diesel Efficient fuel is engineered to provide fuel economy benefits in diesel cars and trucks, as well as in commercial vehicles.*

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  • Ethanol and Exxon and Mobil fuel

    Gasoline blended with ethanol

    Almost all gasoline now has some ethanol in it, including Exxon- and Mobil- branded gasoline which currently contains up to 10%.
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  • Octane ratings of gasoline and what level is right for your car

    Octane ratings of gasoline

    Find out what octane ratings measure and what octane level is right for your vehicle.
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  • Fuels splash

    Exxon and Mobil Synergy™ gasoline

    Find out more about Synergy™ gasoline, meticulously engineered to help you get better gas mileage.*

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  • developing quality gas that’s best for your car

    Quality fuels to get you where you're going

    Discover what steps we take to ensure the quality of our fuels.

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  • Tips to help you improve fuel efficiency

    Get more out of every trip

    Explore our comprehensive list of tips to help you improve fuel efficiency and get more out of every trip.

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  • Synergy diesel efficient fuel technology

    Next-generation diesel starts here

    Our advanced diesel offers enhanced engine performance for higher horsepower — and helps you go further on every tank.*

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*Applies to Exxon and Mobil Synergy Diesel Efficient-branded fuel compared to diesel fuel without detergent additive. Actual benefits will vary depending on factors such as vehicle/engine type, driving style and diesel fuel previously used.