ExxonMobil for business, Wholesale fuels, Marine, Aviation, Fuels and Lubricants, Motor Oils

ExxonMobil for business

Quality and expertise businesses can count on.

Helping businesses run more efficiently

From wholesale fuels and fuel system management to high quality marine and aviation fuel and more, Exxon and Mobil can help keep your business running more efficiently.
  • Wholesale fuels, bulk and pipeline fuels

    Wholesale fuels

    Reliable products and an extensive distribution system
    We are well positioned to supply bulk and pipeline fuels to customers through our extensive network of terminals located across the country. We offer a variety of programs, services and an experienced, knowledgeable, and customer focused staff to help you manage your fuel purchases.

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  • Marine Product Solutions

    Helping vessels perform reliably and efficiently
    ExxonMobil Marine Product Solutions is a world leader in the supply of high quality marine products and services to help vessel owners and operators achieve outstanding performance, reliability and profitability. We are focused on helping customers to reduce operational costs and meet their sustainability goals.

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Did you know?

The Greater Houston Port Bureau has named ExxonMobil the 2015 Maritime Company of the Year. Traditionally, the award is given to an individual. This is the first time that a company has received it. The recognition honors ExxonMobil’s economic contributions to the area through its investments and operations, as well as contributions to the community.

  • Aviation fuels and lubricants, airplane fuel

    Aviation Fuels

    Nose-to-tail solutions
    We are trusted, proven suppliers of aviation fuels and lubricants, providing innovative nose-to-tail solutions to our global customer base. With a focus on all aspects of operational excellence, we are a leader in safety, supply reliability, and product integrity.

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  • Heavy duty engine oils, fluids, lubricants, Mobil Delvac

    Heavy duty engine oils

    Mobil Delvac™ provides power and protection for truck engines around the world in virtually all conditions. With a commitment to research and technological development, and global availability, it’s one of the world’s most widely used brands of heavy duty engine oil today. See how Mobil Delvac™ products can play a critical role in helping you service your customers.

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  • Mobil-branded industrial lubricants

    Mobil-branded industrial lubricants

    With Mobil-branded industrial lubricants, our goal is to help make your operation more productive while promoting safety and environmental awareness. Explore the possibilities.

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Additional products for business

Base stocks
As one of the world’s largest suppliers of base stocks, ExxonMobil strives to bring the most efficient production capacity to the marketplace — ensuring long-term, reliable supply of consistent quality lubricant base stocks — offering products that help enable performance and excellence for virtually all finished lubes.
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We provide the building blocks for products that help make life better.
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ExxonMobil is among the world’s leading producers and marketers of asphalt (bitumen).
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  • Commercial credit cards, save money on gasoline

    Commercial credit cards

    Our portfolio of commercial credit cards provides many levels of controls to help you manage your company’s fuel expenses, plus convenient options to help meet your business needs.

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  • ExxonMobil Energy Visualization

    Energy to take you further

    Learn more about ExxonMobil, including milestones in our history and our ongoing commitment to environmental performance and supporting local communities.

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  • Partnerships and Sponsorships with Exxon and Mobil Stations

    Partnerships that drive innovation

    ExxonMobil is proud to partner with a range of companies and organizations to advance new ideas and technologies that add value and enjoyment to people’s lives.

  • Exxon Mobil logo

    Fueling American journeys since 1870

    ExxonMobil is proud to have played a role in some of America’s most memorable journeys for nearly 135 years.

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  • Branded wholesaler heavy duty truck at Mobil station

    Become a Branded Wholesaler

    Learn about building a successful business by distributing Exxon™ and Mobil™ fuel and/or owning your own Exxon™ or Mobil™ gas station(s).