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Tips for your journey

Making life on the go a little easier.
Whether you’re running errands, picking up the kids, or taking a trip out of town, here are a few simple tips, tricks and short cuts to help make your life on the go just a little bit easier.
  • Get the best directions

    Get the best directions

    If you get lost and need directions, look for a restaurant that offers delivery – delivery drivers always know their way around town.

  • Remember where you parked your car

    Remember where you parked your car

    Whether you’re parking in an unfamiliar neighborhood or a new city, to remember where you parked your car, drop a “pin” on your mobile map.

  • Prevent key confusion

    Prevent key confusion

    To identify keys quickly and easily, use nail polish to paint the tops different colors.

  • Organize the toys

    Organize the toys

    To keep toys and books organized and within easy reach for your kids, hang a shoe organizer on the back of the seats.

  • Keep take-out food warm

    Keep take-out food warm

    Turn your seat heater on to keep take-out food warm. To keep pizza toppings from shifting on the drive home, slide a bottle of water under the box to keep it level.

  • Protect your doors

    Protect your doors

    Cut a pool noodle in half and secure it to your garage wall to protect your car door from dings and dents.

  • Keep your headlights clean

    Keep your headlights clean

    Use toothpaste to clean cloudy headlights.

  • Tips to help you improve fuel efficiency

    Get more out of every trip

    Explore our comprehensive list of tips to help you improve fuel efficiency and get more out of every trip.

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  • Gasoline and fuel safety, storage and disposal tips

    Tips to help you stay safe around fuel

    To help keep you and your family safe around fuel, check out our safe handling and storage tips.

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  • Car maintenance tips, extend the life of your car, improve gas mileage

    Improve efficiency with car care

    From the right tire pressure to the right motor oil, see how proper car maintenance can help improve fuel efficiency.

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  • Driving tips to help you save money on gasoline

    Drive your way to better fuel economy

    See how simple things like accelerating more smoothly can impact your fuel efficiency.

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