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Born in the same ExxonMobil labs as our Formula 1 racing fuels, Synergy™ gasoline’s 7 key ingredients add up to our best fuel ever. Their powers combine to help you get better gas mileage, lower emissions and improved engine responsiveness.* Find out how each ingredient works:

Fuel Detergent Number 1

This ingredient does the dirty work, helping to scrub away deposits and protect your engine from build-up, which over time can affect performance.

Fuel Detergent Number 2

But you said, no, that's not clean enough! Enter Fuel Detergent Number 2, this ingredient goes the extra mile, scouring nooks and crannies to wash away even the toughest gunk.

Anti-Adhesion Compound

Some ingredients like to stick around, leaving a film on your intake valves. Anti-Adhesion Compound shows them the door, preventing build-up to keep things running smoothly.

Corrosion Inhibitor

When you're not looking, rust will try to make a move on key engine parts. That's why we threw in some muscle – technically, Corrosion Inhibitor – to help shut down rust right from the start.


Did you know fuel can get out of shape? The Demulsifier works hard to help prevent fuel from holding onto excess water, which can wreak havoc in the distribution system.

Solvent Fluid

Changes in temperature can cause some ingredients to get jammed. Solvent Fluid helps break them up, preventing congealing and letting the good times flow.

Marker Molecules

It's not about working hard, but working smart – having the right information at the right time. Marker Molecules signal the dosage of the additive in the gasoline so the balance is perfecto.
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*Fuel economy improvement is based on Synergy-branded gasoline compared to gasoline meeting minimum U.S. government standards. Actual benefits will vary based on factors such as vehicle type, driving style and gasoline previously used.