Creating aha moments with child in goggles

Educational Alliance

ExxonMobil is fueling young minds and helping create aha moments through the Educational Alliance. Over $40 million has been committed since the program’s inception, which funds math and science programs at schools in need. It’s part of our ongoing effort to support science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education within the communities we serve.
40 million in contributions 3,200 schools supported nationwide 500 hundred donations to support STEM
Through our partnership with the Educational Alliance, we help give students the tools and technology they need to connect what they learn in the classroom with what they see in the real world. The moments below give you a glimpse at some of those real-world connections:

Aha moment #11

See a girl connect the science she used to create a cloud in a jar to what happens in the sky above.

Aha moment #629

Watch a boy connect the engineering principles from his bridge experiment to what he sees in real life.

Aha moment #1,407

See a boy apply the math principles he learned during a catapult experiment to his favorite sport.

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