speedpass key tag is retiring

Speedpass™ key tag FAQs

What is happening to the Speedpass™ key tag?

Stations have begun phasing out Speedpass key tag functionality, and the key tag will fully retire by June 30, 2019. We encourage you to switch to the next generation of convenient payment – the Speedpass+™ app! Unlike the key tag, the app lets you earn rewards automatically with every fuel purchase. Just link your Exxon Mobil Rewards+™ account to the app. Plus find a station, get special bonus offers and more.


Can I still order Speedpass™ key tags replacements?

No. As part of the retirement process, Speedpass key tags will be discontinued on Feb. 8, 2019.


Can I still manage my Speedpass™ account?

Yes. The last day you can access your Speedpass account and review account details is Aug. 31, 2019. Log in here.


Will my Speedpass™ key tag continue to work at Exxon™ and Mobil™ stations?

No. Stations have begun phasing out Speedpass key tag functionality, and the key tag will fully retire by June 30, 2019. After June 30, 2019, Exxon and Mobil stations will not accept the Speedpass key tag.


What steps should I take after the Speedpass™ program is discontinued?

  1. We suggest that you download the Speedpass+™ app and set up your new account.
  2. Visit Speedpass.com and delete the credit card linked to your Speedpass key tag device.
  3. You can simply discard your Speedpass key tag. You may also choose to crush them to ensure the glass components inside the casing no longer function.


What happens to my credit card information?

You have complete control of the credit card information stored on both your Speedpass™ key tag and Speedpass+™ app accounts. To remove your credit card details from your key tag, log in to your Speedpass key tag account, click on “My Speedpass” and cancel all devices. When you download the Speedpass+ app, simply choose your payment method and enter your credit card or other payment information.


How are the Speedpass™ key tag and the Speedpass+™ app different?

The Speedpass+ app is the next generation of the Speedpass key tag. Both let you pay without plastic at the pump, but the app comes with more features and more savings. Here’s what you can do with the Speedpass+ app that you couldn’t do with the key tag:

  • Earn rewards automatically with every gas purchase
  • Receive special, money-saving bonus offers
  • Find a station and give station feedback
  • Apply for an ExxonMobil™ Smart Card to save 6¢ on every gallon, every day


Can I transfer my Speedpass™ key tag account information onto my Speedpass+™ app account?

Your Speedpass account information cannot transfer to or be shared with your Speedpass+ account. Please set up your username and password separately for your Speedpass+ app. Your Speedpass key tag credentials are unique to the key tag.


Can my business or fleet continue to use the Speedpass™ key tag?

No. Stations have begun phasing out Speedpass key tag functionality, and the key tag will fully retire by June 30, 2019. You will be able to continue to manage your Speedpass account and review account details until Aug. 31, 2019. Log in here.

We encourage you and your drivers to begin carrying the ExxonMobil Business and Fleet Card(s) to ensure payment convenience at the pump and inside the station. If you need replacement cards, you may obtain them the following ways:

ExxonMobil Business Card: Call 1-866-460-5350 or log in to your account. ExxonMobil Fleet Cards: Call 1-800-950-6095 or visit exxonmobilfleetcards.com.

Learn more about how our ExxonMobil Business credit cards can help you here.


How can I contact support for Speedpass™ key tag?

Contact us at 1-877-733-3727. Please note: This number will be discontinued after Aug. 31, 2019.